Carleton Civic Centre

This new 6,300± m² complex consisted of an ice surface, swimming pool and community room. The building was constructed using structural steel framing with compositely designed floors used for economy, fire resistance and vibration resistance. The building featured several unique architectural designs requiring innovative structural design. Eastern Designers was able to meet the intent of the Architect’s design by utilizing unique and sophisticated structural analysis and design while still keeping the structural costs on budget.

Grand Manan Ferry Landing

New ferry terminal including dredging, rock mattress, concrete caissons, rock mound approach, armour stone, scour protection, transfer bridge and hydraulic lifting system, panelized fendering system, bollards, lighting and emergency power. The caissons designed for this project are the latest to be constructed in the Maritimes provinces (the only ones in the last five years). The design of the caissons and the associated scour protection were based on conventional caisson design combined with the latest developments in caisson design from Japan research carried out by Goda and Tanimoto.

The hydraulic lifting system represented the latest in hydraulic components and computer automated control.

North Sydney Alternate Dock

Design of the marshalling yard and approach layout, approach structures, approach spans and lift bridge for the upper level loading at the Alternate Dock to accommodate a 24,700 DWT vessel complete with a new transfer bridge and hydraulic lifting system, lighting and emergency power. This completed construction of the Alternate Dock that began in 1999 with installation of the lower level facilities