Eel River Bridges

Project Info

These structures consisted of a 225.0 m long structure and a 232.0 m long structure. The 225.0 m structure had spans of 1 x 60.0 m, 1 x 90.0 m and 1 x 75.0 m. The 232.0 m structure has spans of 1 x 56.0 m, 1 x 96.0 m and 1 x 80.0 m. Deck widths were 11.36 m for both structures. The superstructures consisted of 3-3.25 m deep economical steel plate girders bearing on a combination of fixed multi-directional structural pot bearings. The substructure consisted of high piers varying between 29 m and 38 m with the average pier height of 35.0± m. Piers were founded on H-piling as well as directly on rock. The west abutments were piled and the east abutments were founded on rock.