Belledune Ro-Ro Terminal

Project Info

The Ro-Ro and Barge Terminal was part of a larger $60 million enhancement project which also included the construction of containment cells and dredging. Eastern Designers worked as a sub-consultant for the marine structures portion of the project.

Eastern Designers & Company Limited was responsible for the design of the Ro-Ro Terminal for a 700 vehicle carrier, a barge terminal to facilitate the shipment of large fabrication components by sea to markets along the Atlantic Seaboard and the Arctic, the extension of the existing terminal and slope protection for the new RO-RO terminal area.

A total of thirteen 36 m by 11 m concrete cribs were cast and installed complete with rock mattresses, cope walls, Ro-Ro ramps, bollards with up to 300 tonne capacities, various fenders types to accommodate the range of vessels, yard light and electrical bases, etc.